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Webmail (6)

How to Access Webmail

Overview Access webmail from the cPanel interface Access webmail directly Change the webmail interface’s language setting Related documentation Overview Webmail allows you to access your email accounts through your web browser. When you check email through webmail, rather than through an … Continue reading

Which Webmail Application Should I Choose?

Overview Webmail application feature comparison Related documentation Overview cPanel includes three standard webmail applications: Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail. If you do not see the desired application when you log in to webmail, contact your system administrator. Note: The information below … Continue reading

How to Configure Mail Filters

Overview Filter rules and criteria Operators Criteria  Actions Pipe to a Program   Overview Email filters use your criteria to determine how to handle email messages. The following cPanel interfaces allow you to configure email filters: Account Level Filtering (Home >> Mail … Continue reading

How to Create a Spam Email Filter

Overview Create a spam email filter Additional documentation Overview You can create an email filter that sorts and redirects incoming spam. This is useful if, for example, your hosting provider has not included Apache SpamAssassin™ in your cPanel account. Create … Continue reading

How to Create Mail Filter Rules For Mailing Lists

Overview How to create a mail filter rule Legacy anti-spam filters Related documentation Overview To control which mail messages your server will deliver to Mailing Lists, use Mailman‘s Spam filters interface. To access Mailman’s Spam filters interface, click Manage on cPanel’s Mailing Listsinterface … Continue reading

How to set up a cPanel email account for iOS and Android

Overview Mobile device setup Overview This article provides instructions for how to setup a cPanel email account on an iOS and Android mobile device’s operating system. Mobile device setup Click the tab that corresponds to your mobile device’s operating system. … Continue reading

Cpanel (2)

How to Access cPanel

Overview How to read a URL How to access cPanel How to access Webmail Access webmail from the cPanel interface Access webmail directly How to change an interface’s locale Overview This document describes how to access cPanel and Webmail with … Continue reading

How to Disable CGI through .htaccess

Overview How to disable CGI through .htaccess How to re-enable CGI through .htaccess Warning: This is an unsupported solution. Back up your server before you perform this action. Overview To prevent the use of CGI scripts in directories other than cgi-bin, … Continue reading

Wordpress (1)

How to Install WordPress With cPanel

Overview Install WordPress WordPress Installation Issues Overview Many cPanel users prefer website design software with which they are familiar. For example, WordPress is a very popular web-based content management system that you can use to create a website or blog, … Continue reading

Domains (1)

What are we talking about when we talk about domain names?

A domain name is a human readable identification string. Identification strings, because they must unambiguously refer to exactly one thing, have to be unique. There can be no duplicate IDs. For this reason, ID numbers in computer systems are often … Continue reading

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